Wednesday, October 31, 2012

passing time at the mall

We waited 20 minutes to ride this little train
Luckily, it was TOTALLY worth it for Nicolas and Sky...

Aiden volunteer to go to "watch" the kids for us on the train.

Aiden said if Nick got scared he'd hold him tight....

Or if Nick tried to stand or lean out of the train he'd hold him close.  : )

Can you tell he's happy?

"Hi Mommy!" as the train road by me.

I love that little arm sticking up.  : )

storm day projects in the garage

Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday due to hurricane Sandy.  Since it was raining and cold out, we had to keep busy indoors. 

Of course we also watched movies, made ice cream, colored/painted/drew non-stop, read books (Sky made a giant leap in her reading abilities in the past two days!), raced each other around the house,  built house out of blocks, built forts out of cushions, built forts out of fallen trees, took naps, road scooters, played wii, searched for funny videos on Youtube,visited with Grandma, aunts and uncles....and oh yeah there was all of the teasing, punching, kicking, and annoying each other that kept everyone very very busy.

Aiden and Sky made dioramas using old shoe boxes 

Sky made a house with a pool in the front yard (and fountain)

Aiden made an indoor pool and recreation center - this boy has a limitless imagination. 

Sky and I attempted to make a swing-set for her side yard

Sky was very excited to be trusted (though briefly) with an exacto knife.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

at the park with his buddy cooper

"Hey, Coop. Follow me!"

That's my buddy, Cooper.

Friday, October 26, 2012

school halloween parade

Sev, Sky and Mr. Pawliu

Aiden tried to hide from me!

My a beautiful Pocahontas - Indian princess

Aiden's friend Robby

Mrs. Wallace - Aiden's science teacher

Sky's friend, Armand

Sky's friend Anna

Sky's friend, Vincenzo

Mrs. Merrill - Aiden's social studies teacher

Pocahontas goes to school

adam wins the maryland rebel race

So my dad won the race....he's a fweakin' beast like his son.

attached at the heart (and hip)

We do everything together...including cheering for our Hokies.

 Uh oh...a little meltdown because she's not going to the store with me.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a day at park

home from school

She's home from school and the rest of her day is carefree, fun, and relaxing....just the way it should be!

nick the big flirt name is Nicolas. 

What's your name?

Wanna hear a funny joke?


I know, I'm pretty funny. 

Your hands are so soft...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sky monument

This was the second field trip of the year for the Kindergarten class....National Building Museum in Washington, DC. 

I went on this same field trip with Aiden last year. 

Each kid built a building that you might find in a city - institutional buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings, and commercial buildings.  Sky volunteered to build an institutional building - which included schools, monuments and museums.   Sky's building was the "Sky Monument" - inspired by the National Monument in our nation's capital. 

Sky decided on the color yellow to attract girl.
I was so impressed with her focus...we had 45 minutes for the project and she used every available minute.

I love going on field trips with my of my favorite perks of being a "stay at home mom".

I love this picture.  Sky was very proud of her building and without a doubt, she had the most interesting building.  Every kid and teacher came by to admire it.

After the project we ate lunch as group...that was a lot of fun too.

Sky, proudly holding her monument before boarding the bus back to school.