Sunday, May 31, 2009

aiden makes gazpacho

Aiden loves to help me make gazpacho. I cut the tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green pepper in quarters, and put it all in a large mixing bowl for Aiden. Then I mix red wine vinegar, olive oil, minced garlic, salt, and black pepper in a measuring cup. Then Aiden puts the vegetables in the blender piece by piece. He pours in the mixture from the measuring cup into the blender and then with supervision, he runs the blender in intervals until everything is "soup".

The kids loves to "cook soup" for Mommy and Daddy. And Adam and I love fresh gazpacho on a hot summer evening. Oh yeah, since he makes the gazpacho, he eats it too...a definite plus. Sky will taste his brother's soup but she's not a big fan of gazpacho...yet.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

aiden has company

Aiden invited his buddy Ryan over today for some outdoor fun. We set up a little kiddie pool for them and they had the time of their lives.

Here's Aiden showing Ryan how to jump off the slide into the water.

Aiden is the guy that finds alternate uses for things. A slide? Let's see if it will work better as jumping platform. A dump truck? Lets see if it will work as a skateboard. A golf cart? Let me see if I can use it to dirt and rocks across the yard.

Aiden graciously let his buddy borrow a swimsuit. He also shared all of his other toys and showed Ryan all around the yard including the vegetable garden. It was too bad the two turtles we found in our pool (big pool) had taken off. Aiden really wanted to show Ryan his new found pets.

The fun then moved to the playground. After the playground we had a nice outdoor pizza lunch, then back to the kiddie pool, then back inside to watch Bob the Builder, then they played at the train table while they snacked. After snacks they played in Aiden's playroom....yes, the fun went on and on. The were both very sad when it came time for Ryan to go home. Ryan's mommy and I promised we'd have them over again soon.

Here's Sky enjoying a nice berry snack while the boys play in the pool.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

block party

Aiden and Sky patiently waiting their turn to get their arm painted by neighborhood kids at our annual Memorial Day block party. Aiden got an American flag and a star on his arm and Sky got a purple butterfly with glitter on her arm.

It was very cute to see them interacting with other kids that were much older than them (8 to 12 year olds). Aiden and Sky sat close to each other ready to protect each other or just comfort each other in the presence of strangers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

burger joint

After Monkey Business we went next door to a burger shop for lunch. Both kids had worked up a good sweat playing so I was hoping they had also worked up a good appetite. The fact that Aiden didn't complain when we left Monkey Business for lunch was a good indication that he was hungry.

Aiden ate better than I have ever seen him eat before. I had ordered one adult cheeseburger for Aiden and Sky to share but when I saw Aiden's appetite, I bought a seperate burger for Sky. That little boy ate almost an entire adult-size cheeseburger. I had to take pictures to document his feast.

Here's Sky patiently waiting for her lunch. She was very interested in the other kid patrons in the restaurant. She really was patient because when the first cheeseburger came out, Aiden grabbed it up and didn't give her a bite. It didn't bother my patient little girl, she gladly wait for her order to come up.

Aiden chomping on his burger.

Can someone get this girl in a burger add, please?!

Exhuasted from playing; exhausted from eating. You know what comes next...

You guessed it. They were so exhausted and their bellies were so full that they fell asleep on the ride home.

You know that's quality sleep.

Getting some rest before the next event - neighborhood block party.

monkey business

As soon as we walked into the place Aiden ran right up this pretend mountain and jumped off the top to the ground.

The little copycat Sky did exactly what her brother did except she jumped on the mat.

Aiden was in heaven. He was running around as fast as he could climbing on everything. Here he is letting out his excitement with a gratifying scream.

Aiden's first attempt at a climbing wall. I bet he'll get into climbing when he gets older. He is freakishly strong and incredibly coordinated....and oh yeah, he's totally fearless.

We had the entire gym to ourselves. Uncle Dullah joined us since is place is not far from the gym. Uncle Dullah added another layer of fun to the gym by throwing soft balls at Aiden while Aiden climbed on the equipment. That anticipation of getting hit with the ball as you climb made Aiden laugh from the soles of his feet.

My little girly-girl went right for the hoolahoop.

Aiden hiding from Uncle Dullah in a pretend "cave".

Uncle Dullah, you can't get me in here!

Sky wasn't in the least bit shy about climbing on the equipment. As a matter of fact, she'd watch her brother and mimick his every move. I guess she figured if Aiden doesn't get hurt, I won't either.

Oh no! We were sitting ducks for Aiden an Unlce Dullah to hit us with the balls.

I need one of these at home.

It would entertain Aiden and Sky for hours upon hours.

Aiden's face when I asked him if should go back to Monkey Business next weekend. I'd say that's a "yes".

peace through play doh

Aiden and Sky went from zero to sixty in about 1.5 seconds this morning upon waking up. They were hitting each other, teasing each other, and competing for my attention non-stop. They've figured out that I pay attention to crying so they now cry for my attention. They'll even change up the tone of their cry to win my attention over. I'm telling you, at 6:30 even Mother Theresa would lose her cool. Especially if Mother Theresa was up until 1:00 am watching a movie with Adam.

Desperate to get some peace and quiet, I got out the Play Doh before breakfast. That did the trick. Aiden looked at me with wide eyes "before breakfast?" I quickly justified the exception with "Yes, since it's a special Monday, a holiday, you can play with Play Doh before breakfast." Hey, my kids will look for any sign of weakness or inconsistancy to get their way so I have to have a good reason if I'm breaking my own rules.

Ahhhh..calm Aiden making a "long sausage" for breakfast.

Aiden resisting Sky's dare to eat a piece of Play Doh. That Sky still sneaks a piece in her mouth every now and then. Once I caught her hiding in the bathroom nibbling on Play Doh.

Look at that face! That's the face she gives me when I look at her disapprovingly.

If I can't do what I want, I'll just won't play.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

poker face

"What? So I look like my dad, what's the big deal?"

You can't read this girl's poker face.

Monday, May 18, 2009

pinch pinch

Sky likes to pinch. Not to be mean or hurt someone it's just something she enjoys doing. Even when she was seven or eight months old, she'd pinch my arm as she was falling asleep in my arms. Now that she's older, she pinches when she overcome with love.

Sometime her pinching is not so nice (like when she pinches Aiden) so our Nanny, Teresa, has told her that she is only to pinch school buses, not people. Make sense? No to me. But then again, it does to Sky. Now she doesn't pinch Aiden but whenever she sees a school bus drive by she makes her pinching hand (looks like a crab claw) and says "pinch pinch" as she talks through her teeth.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

aiden and sky love their scooters

Aiden practicing on his scooter. This was actually one of his not-so-good runs. He's pretty good and definitely picks up speed as he gets to the bottom of the driveway.

Sky wants to be able to ride like her brother but she can't...yet. Sometimes she gets frustrated so I let her ride with me. She loves the wind blowing through her hair.

don't worry, mommy

Yesterday, I was working on my laptop while Sky was playing with her doll on the living room floor. "You working, mommy?" asked Sky as she laid a blanket on her baby doll. "Yes, I'm working", I replied quickly hoping to she'd be satisfied with my answer and let me focus on my email. Next thing I knew, she climbed up on the couch and sat next to me while still holding and tending to her baby doll. Another quiet minute or two passed and she stood up on the couch, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. "Don't worry, Mommy" she said quietly as she moved my hair out of my face. Of course that got my attention and I pushed the laptop off onto the ottoman and sat her down on my lap. "You finished working now, Mommy?" she said with a smile on her face. "Yup, I'm finished working. Now can we play?" She quickly handed me her baby doll, "you wait, I need to get some toys for the baby".

I must have somehow encouraged her saying "don't worry" because now she says it to anyone that is sad or crying (Aiden).

Don't worry, Aiden.

Don't worry, Daddy.

Don't worry, Mommy.

I'm telling you, when that little girl says those words, all the worry melts off and the whole world is absolutely perfect.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning walk

We went on a walk with the kids this morning. I had forgotten how much we love these early morning walks the kids. Last time we took this walk was last fall and Sky was much younger and not able to keep up with our pace.

I love the picture above. It's like they're walking together on the road of life. The photo was taken with my phone so I'm pretty impressed with the image quality.

Going down the hill, we couldn't keep up with them. Going up the hill, Aiden was on Daddy's shoulders and Sky was on Mommy shoulders. "I'm tired, mommy" Sky's new favorite line to get attention.

Sky took her lion on the walk with her. I think it's official, she's now attached to this little stuffed lion. About two weeks ago, she started carrying her little lion around and now it's with her all the time. The lion was a gift from Aunt Meghan the day she was born at the hospital.

Sky's favorite animal is a lion. My favorite animal is a tiger and has been my entire life. I love it, she's like me only better. ; )

About the photo - it was also taken with my phone. She's holding my right hand and I took the shot with my left hand.

B'burg! Every now and then Adam and I miss Blacksburg somethin' fierce. It's definitely our home away from home. I miss all the old spots...the restaurants, the bars, the coffee shops, and oh yeah, the campus itself.

How about that vintage shirt, T-bore (Timur)?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

our empty pool

The pool is just a few days away from opening. Aiden and Sky enjoyed playing in the empty pool today. You should have seen the look on Aiden's face when he heard he could walk on the pool floor.

Sky was equally excited about playing in the empty pool but also very cautious.

Garment by garment Aiden came up with excuses as to why his clothes should come off.

Sky having fun but still cautious..."Mommy come hold my hand."

As you can see, our pool needs a good thorough cleaning. Because the pool is in a wooded area, leaves fall in and stain the pool floor. We decided to drain the pool and clean and bleach the stains this year. Today was the draining day and tomorrow cleaning day. It's going to be nice to have the kids out in the water.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ga ga likes copcorn too

Some nights as a treat before bed, Aiden and Sky get popcorn while they watch the show "The Wonder Pets"."Popcorn is my FAVORITE", declares Aiden. "Copcorn my FAVORITE", repeats Sky. Rather than getting annoyed with his sister for constantly mimicking him, Aiden relishes the attention. He turns to her and kisses her on the forehead and calls her "Ga ga". Ga ga? You might ask. Yes, Ga ga. That is the nickname Aiden gave to Sky over a year ago. I guess it's a loving nickname he gave to his baby know, babies say ga ga.

Aiden has made variations of the nickname "Ga ga" like "Ga gee" and "Gakia". Okay, I admit a little strange but hey, we're into nicknames. Like where do you think "Foosbook" came from? Well, it is a rip off of Facebook but "foos" is what I've called both my kids for years now...they are my "fooses".

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sky turns 22 months old!

Sky turned twenty-two months old today!

She's becoming quite the little girl. She's smart, she's attentive, she's friendly, she's outgoing, she's assertive (very assertive), she's confident, and she's quite the joke-ster.

I have to admit, the tables are completely turned around now on Aiden. It is now Sky that terrorizes, Aiden and not the other way around like it used to be. Aiden will be quietly playing on his train table or reading a book and Sky will walk over and grab whatever is in his hand just to get a raise out of him. As soon as Aiden squeals and I intervene she runs off giggling and throws whatever she took from to discard the evidence.

Yesterday an argument ensued between Aiden and Sky over ice cream. Sky had indicated that she was finished with her ice cream and before Grandma could pick up the bowl, Aiden volunteered to finish it off for her. For the sake of sibling rivalry alone, Sky protested and demanded her unwanted ice cream back. Just as Aiden handed the bowl back to her, Sky grabed and pulled the bowl and spilled it all over Aiden, herself, and the floor. Reflexively, Grandma grabbed a wet towel and immediately started cleaning up the mess. Aiden ran off to the other room upset at the situation but Sky stayed and watched Grandma clean up the ice cream. Well, Grandma must have had a frustrated or disappointed look on her face because Sky kept asking "You mad, Grandma? You mad?" Grandma replied back a couple of times, "no Sky, I'm just cleaning up the mess." Not convinced, Sky was walking circles around Grandma cleaning the floor "Granmda, you mad? Your face is mad, Grandma".

Sky: I pooping, Mommy.
Me: Good! I'm glad you're pooping in the potty.
Sky: I need pri-sa-cy (privacy).
Me: Okay, let me close the door.
Sky: Sigh. Oh! I tooted.
Me: That's okay, you're on the potty.
Sky: Starfish! (pointing to the picture of a starfish on the bathroom wall)
Me: Right. And what's that? (pointing to the picture of an octopus)
Sky: Oco-pus
Me: Right! Where does an octopus live? (totally random, unrehersed question)
Sky: At the beach!
Me: Yes, they live in the water; in the ocean.
Sky: Ocean? Fish sleeps in ocean too.
Me: Right. You are very smart, Sky.
Sky: Pee yoo! I smell a stinky.
Me: You do? What is it?
Sky: My poop! See? See? (as she stands up and points proudly to the potty)
Me: Very good. Are you finished?
Sky: No, Mommy...more poop coming. (red faced and pushing)
Me: Okay, keep going and finish up.
Sky: I need toilet paper.
Me: Okay, you finish up and I'll help you clean up.
Sky: No, I need toilet paper for nose.
Me: You need to blow you're nose?
Sky: Yeah. I need to blow my nose.
Sky: No Ai-DEN! I need pri-sa-cy! (as she yells at Aiden who just opened the bathroom door)

She is now wearing underwear fulltime (except at night when she's sleeping). She hasn't had an accident in over five weeks. Yahoo!! She can put on her own underwear, pants/shorts, and jacket/sweatshirt.

She loves bath time but recently she's decide that she suddenly does not like water in her face. Great timing Sky...the pool opens this week!

She is still goes to the gym for toddler gymnastics and she LOVES it. Every morning the first thing she asks is if it's gym day.

She loves the show "The Wonder Pets" and she can sing the theme song...she even does the beginning part by mimicking the sound a telephone ringing.