Monday, October 26, 2009

halloween dress rehearsal

To prepare for the big night, we had a Halloween dress rehearsal at Nana Beth and Bobba Steve's house. Here she is right after the make-up was applied by Daddy.

Here she'd doing a impression of a unhappy little cat.

Surprise, surprise, Aiden (a.k.a Spidey) is going as Spider Man this year.

I've heard that Adam was a big Spider Man fan when he was little but I think the obsession with Spider Man started a generation before Adam. Here is Bobba Steve doing his best impression of Spider Man.

When asked to put on his Spider Man mask for this picture he said "No, Mommy! Then I won't see when I'm climbing."

Spider Man climbs the web.

He intimidates even the worst villains.

Aiden suggested we get her cat paws for her costume. I was thinking maybe covering her shoes with white socks and maybe have her wear white mittens. What do you think?

She's had it with the rehearsal. She's had it with Mommy's photography. She took off her cat ears and threw them at me.

fly sky

I LOVE this picture.

This is Sky's new trick on a swing. She loves to fly like an airplane. Notice how her left hand is turned out to more closely resemble the wing of a plane.

Sometimes they do this side by side but then they get a little competitive.

Here's Sky playing in Maddy and Nathon's (Nana Beth's neighbors) backyard.

lil' hokies

corn maze at jeter's farm

feeding the animals at jeter's farm

Interning at S. C. Rossi Inc.