Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nick goes in for his 18 month physical

Today, 1/31/12

Height: 34.75 in (96.40%)
Weight: 28.6 lbs (81.29%)
Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (89.30%)
BMI: 16.7 (52.28%)

Last physical, 11/4/11

Height: 32.5 in (83.96%)
Weight: 28.6 lbs (90.84%);
Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (95.47%)
BMI: 19.0 (93.32%)

So in three months he grew 2 inches but didn't gain weight...though, I kind of think they didn't weigh him right today since he was too busy trying to get off the scale. My guess is that he weighs 20 or 30 lbs...anyway, he's a lean, not mean, smart, loveable, cute little guy.

You might be wondering - pacifier? pajamas? Well, yes...after he gets his vaccination shots, he's ready to flee the doctor's office, fall asleep in the car on the 5 minute ride home, and be carried to his bed for a nice long afternoon nap...and maybe wake up thinking the shots were just a bad dream.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

what in the world is he up to now?

Seriously, I don't how he comes up with this stuff...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

great falls and c&o canal

It was a perfect day hiking the path along the C&O Canal and the Potomac ...sunny, slightly breezy, and not too cold. Next time we're mountain biking!

The rapids were pretty amazing too...kind of breathtaking.

Tempting? I'm just glad Aiden, Sky, and Nicolas aren't teens yet or I might have a picture of them walking across this fallen tree. The rapids were incredible but definitely deadly.

Sky and Uncle Dullah...she loves the extra attention she gets from him.

That's us!

....Aiden was too busy climbing on rocks!

They are so much alike...I can tell and the rest of the world will see as Nicolas gets older. He is a chip off the ol' Adam block. ; )

Lucky dog!

beautiful Great Falls

Nicolas was definitely taken back by the view.

My family spent so many weekends Great Falls in the 80's and 90's. I feel like I've climbed every rock and seen every view a hundred times over...I don't think I ever imaged my kids would do the same.

Look at the little face!

So much fun! Sky had to do everything that Aiden did.

Chief Sitting Boy

Nat, Me, and my Foos

Me and Mr. Berry Good

Covered bridge over the C&O Canal.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

how nick greets sky at school

This is how Nicolas greets Sky everyday after school. First of all, he calls her name the entire drive to school. When we park he's so excited he can barely wait to be freed from his carseat. Once we're in the building he makes a beeline to her classroom and finds her among her classmates. Sky in turn gives him her undivided attention (mom can wait). She takes his hand and leads him to her cubby where she picks up her backpack and coat. Sometimes she pulls out the remainder of her snack and gives him a bite. Once we're out of her classroom she follows him around in the halls while I look for Aiden. Nick's always happy to see his brother too but he keeps his distance...at that hour Aiden is pretty active with his buddies and could easily plow him over with a drive by kiss or hug. Since Nicolas loves spending time at the school, I usually take him over the main gym where he joins other kids (along with Aiden) to play basketball or soccer with Sky protectively hovering over him to make sure he doesn't get his by a stray ball.

...I've always wished I had an older sister or brother...

sky in her computer class

Heads phones on, busily playing a learning/fun game.

She has no idea that I'm there...I'm standing outside of the class taking the picture from a window.

Her computer teacher says she listens to directions and always does what she's asked to do...she also get anxious if she thinks she's falling behind. She definitely has my anxiety...I used to stress about school quite a bit.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

nicolas is eighteen months old today!

My sweet baby boy is eighteen months old today. He's a happy, kindhearted, fun-loving little boy.


"Momma", or more like "MUM-MAA!!!"


"Ky" for Sky

"Den Den" for Aiden

"some" - when he wants you to share "some" of your food with him

"tit" is sit. He pats the spot he wants you to sit on

"out" cause that's where he likes to be

"thank you" you've heard him say this before but if you want to hear it again here it is...sometimes he even thanks you in advance for something he wants.

"nana" for banana...and for Nana Beth

"Ga' Ma'" is for grandma.

"hot" he says hot as he shakes his hand and shows his cautious eyes wide open.

Nicolas what's your favorite color? "blue"

"no no" - i guess i know where he got that one!

"downnnn!" when he wants to get down from his chair

Nicks' top TEN favorite foods:

10.goldfish, gram crackers, cookies, etc.
9. almonds (especially the salted Smokehouse Blue Diamonds)
8. noodles, pasta in general
7. rice and chicken (Afghan style obvi....duh!)
6. asparagus & celery
5. oatmeal and sausage ( he eats two sausages and oatmeal every morning followed by berries, and yogurt)
4. gummy bears (yup, they are behind kishmish)
3. kishmish (you may know this as raisins)
2. blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, granny smith apples

-- and finally his favorite food of all ----

1.....still SALMON! (he also loves rockfish, tallapia, flounder, catfish, and any other mild fish.

Music and Dance are his current life passions. He'll dance to any kind of music. He mostly dances to Russian trance....yes, Russian trance music mainly because he's grown up on it...you see, Mr. Sergy (our friend and contractor) is Russian and loves trance...so since Nicolas was ten months old he's heard Russian trance music blasting in our house 8 hours a day. As soon as he hears the music, he starts smiling and moving to the music.

He keeps a very busy schedule -

Story time at the library and bookstore, the little gym, swim practice (Wednesdays and Saturdays ), and playgroup at near by church. He also loves to go pickup Aiden and Sky from school. I usually have to allow for an extra half hour because he loves to watch Aiden and Sky at soccer or basketball practice. He joins in on practice...lucky the coaches and kids think he's cute so they usually sets a small ball aside for him.

He LOVES to spend time in the playroom with Grandma...I don't know how they do it but those two could spend an entire afternoon playing in playroom...oh and snacking...lots of snacking on kishmish and cookies.

He knows he's one of the kids...whatever Aiden and Sky do, Nick loves join in...that's in bath, at play, while eating, while reading, during general crazy horseplay.

He's also very mindful of not letting anyone else sit on my lap for too long. If Aiden or Sky sit on my lap for more than a couple of minutes, he comes over and pushes them off and makes himself comfortable. Luckily, Aiden and Sky think that's just cute and they don't get offended.