Sunday, March 31, 2013

yummy cheeks

playing grocery store

Sky especially loves this game...we made up grocery items and assigned price tags.  We also had fruit, books, and candy at the store.  We made little name tags "cashier Sky".  We used the iPad as a make believe cash register...but they were adding the currency in their heads (good practice!).  They greeted each other and even improvised small cute.  "Thank you for shopping at Safeway!" she say as she handed the bag to Aiden. Sky was very creative with her side conversations. She'd take a call from her make believe son "I'm sorry honey, I can't talk to you right now because I'm helping this man buy some things he needs for his kids, ok? So please don't call me again."  Then later, "ok, I already told you I can't talk right now..what is it?" Sometimes Aiden played the "grocery bagger boy" who was supposedly a teenager with his first job.  The teenager would play on his phone and forget to bag the groceries. He'd eat the candy at the register and be lazy.  Finally, the store manager/cashier fired him. When he didn't leave, we had to call the police on him to remove him from the store.

Easter 2013

Aiden and Nicolas getting a little frustrated...

"Where could the Easter Bunny our baskets?!!"

Aiden helped Nicolas find his basket in the bushes. 

Sky found her basket first...apparently the bunny even gave her a really cool over should purse. 

they scored toys and goodies!

At first Aiden thought he just got goodies...about ten minutes later he felt something in the bottom of the basket...a BEYBLADE!

At one point Aiden and Nicolas were getting desperate.

"Come on man! It's gotta be somewhere around here!"

Sky found her basket first -- in the little tunnel that goes under our driveway.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nawroz cookout in Annandale

Uncle Dullah and his favorite (little) girl in the whole world

the good guy club

Sky and my Uncle Feroz...when I was Sky's age I spent a lot of time my uncle Feroz...he'd buy me a Fanta or Coca Cola almost daily.  : )

these guys...

Four of the coolest girls you'll ever meet.

just their size

This makes me nervous already

...and with cute shimmering flats! What a girl!

just about to smile

hair cut at the barber

VT's cutest fan

Thursday, March 28, 2013

working at story time

The stories are great but I wish they didn't give us so much busy work!

nick arrives at the gym

Kids, kids....I'm here. I'm here. Let the gym games begin!

Hi Miss Melissa! 

Hey kid, you look orange when I look at you through this balloon.

Nick warming up before the other students arrive.

a friendly boy

Nick's gentleman at playgroup.  He waits his turn, he shares, and plays along.  
He'll befriend any kid and is  happy to socialize.
Playgroup kids can't turn down his sweet smile and friendly ways.

So kids, what do we have here?

That's a good looking station, did you build it yourself?

Adam at Everest

Adam - with Everest literally behind him and figuratively, in front of him!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

personal pizza

They made their own dinner this evening....Pizza!  

...and I bet it taste better than any store bought pizza!

Surprisingly, Nicolas turned down the pizza and opted for a salad with chicken and cheese.

a visit to the farm

Man, I gotta get this thing started..

Aiden, you think you could hotwire this thing?

comin' at you! outing is complete without a stop at a playground

as crazy we wanna be