Friday, April 29, 2011

a great morning

It's after breakfast. Aiden is wearing his Batman costume - ready for "costume day" at school. He woke up crying at 2 am, "it's taking too long to be morning...I want to go to school now." Costume day is his favorite. In this picture he's pouting because we're not leaving for school fast enough even though Daddy skipped his morning run just to get him there earlier. Aiden and his superhero buddies Jacob, Jack, and Nick will be battling the bad guys all day long.

Sky is not feeling great. She's congested, has a slight fever, and a sore throat....all just in time for our trip to Maui on Sunday. Poor little girl. She's going to be getting a lot of tlc today...maybe she can kick this cold in 24 hours.

...and the Nickster. Yesterday was a breakthrough day for Nicolas. He become MUCH more assertive. He makes sure you know EXACTLY what he wants and what he wants is to go OUTSIDE! As you're walking out the door with him he leans forward to make you go faster. He cheers, he screams, and he twists and turns in excitement. On the other hand, as we're coming back in the house he protests - he clinches his fists, he pushes his chest out, he gets red faced, and let's out "Aaahhh!!!"...and if you're not careful you might even catch a smack on the face. He's lucky he's only 9 months old.

He also started to standup more for himself with his brother and sister. Just let one of them try to take a toy out of his hands.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

home to nickster

Happy to see Nickster after a long day at school.

That was a satisfying meal of salmon, sweet potatoes...desert - fresh mango.

aiden's encyclopedia

Just a little something he published after breakfast this morning...

summer girl

She asked me to send this picture to Uncle Dullah and Aunt Natalie.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

mun is nine months old today!

My angel boy...Nicolas (a.k.a "Mun", "Nickster", "Balong", "Mr. Berry Good") is nine months old today. I wish I could make time stand still. He is so sweet. He loves to cuddle. He's always happy and smiling. He loves to get you attention by calling out "aaaa!" or "da da da" or "ba ba ba" or "deet deet deet".

Someone get me a Hokies football jersey...I'll only wear this WV shirt when I'm lounging around the house.

He's a very good eater. Current favorites include salmon, peanut butter, mangoes, oatmeal, chicken, rices, pasta, sweet potatoes, bananas, and bread.

He goes to story time. He loves to watch his brother and sister at swim practice or gymnastics practice. He loves to jump in his jumper. He likes to listen to music...especially the opening theme song to Cities of Gold.

He's always smiling...even when he's been knocked accidentally by superhero or princess.

He loves to feel included in games with his brother and sister. It's as if he knows he's one of them.

Click on the picture above and you will see his first tooth! Yeah, we're pretty happy about it.

Well, my hair is a little unmanageable but other than that, life is pretty good.

Watch your feet! He's mobile and he's coming for you!

You can hear him clicking his mouth in this video...he does this ALL the time.