Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the night before

My doctor had made an appointment for us at Fair Oaks hospital on December 1st, at 6:30 am. Since Aiden was ten days over due, they were going to induce me on the 1st. For days before the scheduled induction date we cleaned house (over and over again), organized every closet in the house.  We cleaned and organized the garage (even painted the floor). We went grocery shopping and stocked or shelves...preparing for lots and lots of visitors after our arrival from the hospital. Every night before bed, I spent time in the nursery, folding and refolding the babies clothes.  Just incase, I had packed my hospital bag 3 weeks before the official due date.  So the night before, I re-inventoried my hospital bag.  I packed some additional magazines, our iPod, and snacks for Adam. We went to bed early but neither one of us could sleep for hours. I got up several times and search various baby topics on the internet. Finally at 5:30 am I got Adam up and we got showered and dressed for the hospital. It was only a 10 minute drive to the hospital but we were anxious as could be. Adam even missed the turn once because he was so wired. The check in at the hospital was thorough but way too long. The anticipation was killing me. Finally after tons of paperwork, we were assigned to our private "birthing room". Adam was very insistent that we do not allow others in the birthing room. At about 8:30 I was "induced" which meant they gave me Pitocin through an IV in my arm. Then we waited and waited. The entire day went by and we made no progress. Finally, at 9 pm they gave up and recommended that we go through with a c-section.  Adam felt strongly that we should wait (he didn't want to put me through surgery). The doctor agreed but said, if not now, we will definitely have to do a c-section if the baby doesn't arrive by 10 or 11 pm.  Finally at 11 pm Adam and I conceded and decided we couldn't wait any longer and asked for the doctor. However, our doctor was called to Fairfax hospital for another surgery so we had to wait again. Finally, our doctor made it back to our hospital at 12:30 and "scrubbed" for surgery. I was wheeled into surgery at 12:45 and the baby arrived by c-section at 1:11 am.