Saturday, September 28, 2013

cheering for Aiden

it's a white tiger saturday!

Sky and her teammate

warmup before the big game

Sky's team won 5 to 2 -- Go White Tigers!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nick's late afternoon snack

He comes in from outside -- immediately helps himself to a cold chocolate milk. 

He immediately cools off with the chocolate milk. 

The he sets his placemat and asks me for  "cut up strawberries, the peanut butter jar, and a spoon."

She shoves peanut butter into his mouth by the spoonful while watching Karate Kid on the iPad. 



Saturday, September 21, 2013

our first Tet Trung Thu celebration

Sky's friend Phoenix invited our whole family over for a "Tet Trung Thu" or mid-autumn festival.  We made lanterns, roasted marshmallows, the kids went wild on a moon bounce, and we feasted on some delicious Vietnamese sandwiches and desserts. 

Definitely one of the coolest cultural celebrations we've attended as a family. 

Nick and his lantern

we're a soccer family

Aiden had another amazing goal again this week.  He dribbled the ball about 30 yards with an opponent running pretty much in step with him.  Then just as his opponent got close enough to kick the ball away,  Aiden kicked it into the corner of the goal. 

Easily the fastest boy on his team

Sky loves the end of the game "tunnel".

the girls played their hearts out today...and complained about their shins, their toes, their ear, you name Coach Laila heard it today.

Sky celebrating with her big brother

My soccer crew

I love taking Nick to the fields with us...he always manages to get snacks from other parents.

Today one parent gave him goldfish, another gave him a juice box, and another gave him apple slices.  It helps to have a such a sweet smile.

Sky loves to take her book to Aiden's games....keeps her entertained when the games is slow.