Wednesday, September 17, 2008

train table

Last week Aiden didn't get something he wanted so he took apart his train tracks (on his train table) and threw the pieces down on the kitchen floor. Well, that really got under my skin and I put him in timeout. A few days later he did it again and I put him in timeout again. Aiden happily sat in timeout. When I told him timeout was over, he said wanted to stay there and that he actually liked timeout (yeah right!). Two days later he did the same thing again and before I could even walk over to him, he put himself in timeout. Well, it only takes me three times before I learn something so the fourth time he did it, I took away the trains and tracks and left him with a bare train table. He couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't expect that at all. I told him he'd get the trains back in 4 days if he behaved himself. Finally after the 4th day, I put the trains back on the table (perfectly arranged) as a surprise for when he got home from school. As expected he was very to happy to get his toys back. Two days later, Aiden had yet another tantrum and threw his trains on the kitchen floor. Once again, I confiscated the toys for 4 days and returned them on the 5th day. A couple days later, I walked into the livingroom and a few trains were on the floor. Before I could even look at him he came running to me - "no, no, no, Mommy, Sky put it on the floor; not me". Since then we haven't had that problem again!

what a nice guy

Sky scratched Aiden's face pretty badly last week. She wasn't trying to hurt him, she just wanted his undivided attention. Poor Aiden cried but he never retaliated. I felt really bad for him. The scratch was pretty deep and obviously painful. When I asked him why Sky scratched him he said "she wanted me to play with her".

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aiden lands a job at S.C. Rossi Inc. (for the day)

Aiden spent time with Bobba Steve at the S.C. Rossi, Inc. equipment yard. I don't think Disney World would have been more exciting to Aiden.

Here's Aiden being trained on operating the equipment.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- just look at the smile on Aiden's face he enjoyed himself thoroughly. And since Bobba Steve let Aiden do the steering, Aiden was in control and proud of it.

Operating heavy equipment requires a lot of concentration and sticking your tongue out helps...

There's that tongue again!

He even gave his dad a ride.

There was a lot of work to be done and Aiden was the man for the job.

Friday, September 12, 2008

at the water company

Aiden and Sky got a tour of Bobba Steve's water company. Aiden even pitched in and "fixed something". Sky mostly toured the facility and examined the equipment.

Before we left, Aiden did a taste test of the water. Results? Excellent water.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

fourteen months old today

Sky turned fourteen months old today.

So what's she like at fourteen months?

Well her vocabulary has continued to grow. She has a new word just about every other day. She is saying two and three syllable words commonly.

She never sits still. She's always on the move. She is so active that she has considerably slimmed down over the past month. She now fits in clothes that she had previously outgrown.

She's starting to play a little too rough...just ask Aiden. She has scratched Aiden pretty badly but I have to say most of the time she's been provoked.

She loves the outdoors (even in the summer heat). Sometimes she stands at the door saying "outside? outside? outside?". She loves going on trips. As soon as she sees the car door open she tries to get into the car and into her car seat. I think she's giving me a hint to take her out and about with me more often.

She's VERY affectionate. If someone is hurt or sad she offers a hug and a kiss. She also likes to give lots of hugs and kisses when she first wakes up in the morning.

She has a great relationship with our two cats, Lynx and Jasper. She hugs them and kisses them all the time and they seem to love the attention.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the summer of rash

I had a rash from "fifth disease" back in June, Sky got the rash in July and now Aiden has it. You know...I'm almost looking forward to just dealing with the "common cold" in the fall/winter months.  Dealing with a runny nose seems like a walk in the park compared to a hot, itchy, three week long rash.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hiking Signal Knob (Aiden's first hike)

Adam, Aiden and I hiked Signal Knob today...this was Aiden's first real hike. Adam carried Aiden up the mountain in a backpack carrier and I had a backpack with our food and water. The hike was awesome. The weather was ideal for a hike and the scenery was very relaxing. We had a picnic lunch at a nice overlook spot. After lunch Aiden used mother nature's potty and that was very exciting for him. On the way down we let Aiden lead the way and he loved that. After the hike we let Aiden play in the stream. We all threw rocks and soaked our tired feet in the water before getting back into our car for the one hour ride back home.

Little Sky stayed home with Grandma and year she'll join us on the hike!

the cub of Panjshir

Aiden dressed in traditional Afghan clothes (custum made for him in Kabul). He loved running around the house in his "pairan and tumbon". We call him the cub of Panjshir.

hello junior pre-school

Aiden started junior pre-school this week. Since it's a new school with new friends, new teachers, and new rules, I thought he'd have a rough time adjusting. Turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong. The kid loves his new school. Every morning he eagerly gets dressed and looks forward to school.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Beckham meet Aiden Rossi

Soccer practices starts early in this family. Here's Aiden practicing his soccer moves with Daddy in our backyard.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good morning Bubbins!

I don't know why but I have a new nickname for Sky every other week. This week she's "Bubbins". Whatever nickname I call her, Aiden joins in. It's very cute. This morning when Aiden heard that Sky was awake he ran into her room saying "good morning, little Bubbins".

the artist

So this week he's really into painting. That's all he wants to do - paint, paint, paint. He would sit and paint for hours but his sister won't have that. Since Aiden won't let Sky paint with him, she retaliates and pulls his brush, throws the paint on the floor and crumbles his paper.

Aaaaaaaa DOM!

The little parrot repeats everything these days. Yesterday she started calling Adam "Aaaa DOM" with a strong emphasis on the second syllable. She also calls him "Da Da" but when she's feeling sassy, she likes to get his attention by calling Adam by his first name.