Saturday, August 31, 2013

saturday pool is pool day

saturday farmers market ritual

millions of peaches, peaches for me

Sky LOVES thought the tomato selection was best...we need quite a few for our gazpacho and tomato mozzarella sandwiches

Personal pies - Aiden picked peach and Sky went with apple

Nicolas got tripleberry scones

Sky sampling the tomatos

beef stake potatos

Thursday, August 29, 2013

first day of school 2013

preparing for pre-k next year

With less than a year to go until pre-K...

Nick is getting serious about his studies.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

stop over in winchester

camping weekend

Nothing like a good camping weekend to make the whole family come together and pitch in...the kids helped out without even being asked! 

I used to think the best part of camping was late night sitting by the fire...which is still good but I also LOVE waking up early morning with three excited kids. 

Aiden helping stoke the fire to prepare breakfast. 

Oatmeal, blackberries, peaches, and awesome coffee. 

The fresh weather made the kids extra hungry for breakfast...all three of them ate twice their normal amount. 

Sky was the first one up in the morning...she put her fleece on and was out of the tent first. 

The boys woke up happy as could be with their sleeping bags side by side.

I can already see what he'll be like as a teenager. 

We checked out the cabin across the lake...the kids were going on and on about how if Grandma, Nana Beth, and the Bobba's came with us next time they could just sleep in the cabin.  

Nick, don't get in the water.  Oh Nick, you're already in the water. 

The kids were catching salamanders in the lake. 

Salamander trappers

Dinner was stake (marinaded for a good 6 hours), hot dogs, corn, Afghan bread (naan-e-khoshk)...and AMAZING vegetables from the farmers market. 

The kids devoured tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cucumbers from the farmers market.  Aiden had such an appetite he couldn't wait for the rest of dinner to finish. He made himself a tomato, pepper, and onion sandwich on naan...SO Afghan of Dad will be proud. 

The kids really enjoyed fighting, no teasing, no arguing.  : )

Aiden was in charge of the fire. 

Adam and Sky were practicing non-stop

Nick's favorite thing about camping was the tent.  He was going in and out the whole weekend. 

Camping from a little guy's perspective. 

When it was time to take the tent down...Nick kept saying "No, that's our home!"

Nicolas really enjoyed fishing...too bad the fish weren't biting. 

This little boy tried and tried to catch a fish with no luck...

Mommy, the fish didn't come. 

Our home for the weekend. 

Aiden helping Adam put the stakes down.

Sky was also a big help with setting up the campsite. 

Even Nicolas helped with the tent. 

Aiden immediately started setting up our campsite.