Thursday, May 30, 2013

playing trains at uncle dullah and aunt nat's house

Sky's kindergarten show case 2013

The show opened with a performance from the computers class.

The computers class did a song about the parts of a computer. 

Their second song was about some of the software programs they used in class.

The reading and writing class did a couple of songs vowels and their placement in a word.

Kindergarten math

The math class did songs about counting by 5s and counting by twos.

The music class did a variety of even referenced various instruments and the sounds they make.

The PE class showed us some of their exercises.

When Sky spotted me in the audience she gave me our family sign of "I love you" by patting her heart.

The French class sang two songs en Francais! 

Aiden got to skip class and join his family for the show.  He enjoyed the show and clapped for his sister. 

And I got to hug and kiss my girl as I rushed the stage at the end of the performance!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th quarter book report

Aiden working on his 4th quarter book report.  

Requirement:  Non-fiction book about any animal (and not an insect)

Aiden chose to do his book report on the Great White Sharks.

He made a 3D model of a Great White. 

 Notice how well he keeps his fingers position on the home keys -- I think his computer/typing teachers Mrs. Hasnany and Mrs. Swift have taught him well.  Apparently in 3rd grade, the give them keyboards with no letters! Sheesh! I don't even think I could do that.