Thursday, April 29, 2010

the path less traveled

Adam and Aiden took the path less traveled today. They went on their first hike today - to the top of "Bar Ear Mountain" or as Aiden calls it "Bat-Man Mountain". The hike was an hour and half long and it started near the taro fields of Hanalei.

Sky and I opted for a more casual afternoon. We went to the pier at Hanalie and collected sea shells, watched the kieki (pronounced kay kay; meaning kid in Hawaiian) surfers with their instructors.

Sky enjoyed running on the pier.

huh? where'd my body go?

adventure at queen's bath

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

showing their surf style

Kauai - day 2 - around town

Aiden enjoying chilled coconut.

Aiden and Sky waiting for their smoothie at "Aloha Juice Bar" in Ching Young Village in Hanalei.

Yes, I asked Aiden to put his arm around Sky. He is so good about posing for me...Sky, not so much. This picture was taken at Princeville right by the big playground.

Kauai - Day 2

Aiden was determined to get a coconut from this tree. He tried and tried but then gave up because of a giant spider that was guarding the coconuts.

Thanks to Sky, there are some very fat and happy mosquitoes in Kauai this week. The mosquitoes can't resist those sweet little arms and legs.

Not to be out done, Sky also made an attempt at the coconut tree.

"Oh man! I scored again!" - Aiden

Ready to hit the water.

First you have to become one with the ocean.

Oh, that's cold!

I overheard this conversation:

Aiden: I love you, Sky.

Sky: I love you too, Aiden.