Sunday, April 22, 2007

fun in roanoke

Aiden had a blast visiting Nana Beth and Bobba Steve over the weekend. He played in the yard, he watched the cows in the pasture, he played in the playground, and best of all, he played with a big yellow dump truck his daddy played with when he was little.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aiden visits SC Rossi, Inc.

Aiden got to visit Bobba Steve's office and had a BLAST. He was very into the machinery and basically like anything that was BIG, YELLOW and made a lot of NOISE.

on the drill field

We went to Virginia Tech over the weekend. A week ago the Cho Massacre took place in Norris Hall. Adam and I had economics in Norris Hall in 1996. I can't think of anything more senseless than this massacre.

In just a few days they had a very nice memorial setup on the drill field. Norris hall was still taped off and surrounded by police cars. It was good to be there both for us and the school.

Little Aiden loved the drill field and he ran like the wind.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

shampoo fun

Aiden loves taking a bath but he really dislikes washing his hair. I literally have about 45 seconds to wash his hair before he succeeds in stopping me. So to make more time, I have to come up with games and distractions. Here's one distraction that works well....make a mohawk and let him check himself out in the mirror. He is absolutely fascinated with the mohawk. I think he has a little of his uncle Caleb in him...