Thursday, December 29, 2011

for the love of sky

A warm bath not only slows them down for the night, it also makes them more tender towards each other. Given that, you can bet our kids are always clean and fresh!

Nicolas at seventeen months!

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas in roanoke

Nicolas and Tyler played together all weekend long. I can tell these two are going to be a pair at every family get together from here on out.

So, I couldn't find Nicolas anywhere in the house. I finally found him and Tyler upstairs jumping and giggling on one of the guest beds.

Nick was really into baby Jake....and who wouldn't be? That baby is ADORABLE.

I got to hold him while he was sleeping... he's pure heaven. He's soft, sweet, he smells amazing, and he's calm and happy...a perfect baby.

Aiden showing Nicolas how to love the baby without bothering him.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas in oakton

Milk and cookies for Santa...

Aiden's a little suspicious about Santa...he's asked me several times if he's real.

Aiden: Mom, I know the tooth fairy isn't real. Santa's not real either, right?

Laila: Nope, Santa is real.

Aiden: I think Santa is just your parents.

Laila: Why do you think that?

Aiden: Because, how could Santa deliver presents for all the kids in the world in one night?

Laila: Well, he's got a lot of helpers.

Aiden: Yeah, like our parents.

Laila: Okay, if Santa's not real, how come I got a lump of coal for Christmas one year?

Aiden: You did? Oh man! Oh man! You must have been bad?!

Laila: Yup, and I couldn't believe it. I got nothing but a big lump of coal.

Aiden: Did you tell Santa I was only a little bit bad?

hanging with natalie on christmas morning

Nick, you are one hip kid.

Nat's three wild and crazy sidekicks.