Sunday, November 29, 2009

playing outside

We've had it with the rainy, cold days. The kids hate being cooped up indoors all day so when the sun came out on Saturday, Aiden and Sky were all about the outdoors.

Simply walking on the tree stumps was not exciting enough for Aiden. He came up with some more challenging activities like racing across the stumps, hopping from stump to stump, and the absolute favorite - playing chicken on the logs.

trying to come up with something more challenging like running across the stumps or hoping or his favorite pushing me off the stump.

She could do this for hours...

Sky saying "ta-daaaa!" upon completing her routine.

Yup, "tadaaaaa" she's learned that in her gym class.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Aiden gets a lot of compliments on his bomber jacket.

He can play many roles.

Thanksgiving 2009!

Natalie Elizabeth and Sky Natalie

Lou and Molly

Even Tina Fey made a guest appearance.

Tim and my Uncle Akbar carving the two turkeys. Tim, Adam, and Dullah came through with a delicious fried turkey.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the holiday ice show

We went to see ICE! at the Gaylord at National Harbor. The sculptures were amazing.

Sky admiring the reindeer.

The temperature in the ten was 9 joke. Little Sky only last about ten minutes and then she got too cold so the two of us left. Adam and Aiden went to the giant ice slide.


Aiden loves polar bears - mostly because of the book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you hear?"

Is this really ice?

They give these long blue coats when you enter the exhibit. At first I thought it was a little too much but I was so wrong. The coats were an absolute necessity.

Aiden expected to meet Santa at the ice show so he was a little disappointed when he didn't come.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

aiden a guest in sky's gym class

Aiden was a special guest at Sky's gym class today. He totally wowing the two year olds. Sky was loving the attention she was getting because of her talented brother. She stuck to his side like glue.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

buddy nicholas' birthday party

Aiden had a blast at his buddy Nick's birthday party. Seems Saturdays are now reserved for birthday parties. All of Aiden's friends and classmates have November, December, or January birthdays.

Sky gets to tag a long when Aiden is invited to a birthday party. The girls in Aiden's class LOVE Sky. She's like a little celebrity when she walks into Aiden's classroom. All the girls rush to her when she walks in the door. That's when big brother Aiden becomes the bodyguard. "Hands to yourselves" he warns the girls.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

to cut or not to cut - that is the question

You tell me. Is it time to cut her hair?

When it's not up in pig tails it's a lot of hair.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sky the climber

"See that? See that, Mommy? I just climbed REAL fast like Aiden."

I think she's going to be a climber all her life...climbing mountains, ladders, and anything else worth achieving. And I will be there every time cheering her on from the top of my lungs. GO SKY, GO!!!!!!

Both Aiden and Sky loving the climbing wall. I think I need to take them to Dick's for a little practice.

Here she is helping Aiden. Not that he needs help, the kid is up the climbing wall in a couple of seconds.