Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006!

We celebrated Christmas in Richmond this year at Ben, Jo Ann and Nora's house. We all had a lot of fun but I think Aiden and Nora enjoyed themselves the most. Its so exciting that they're getting close to that age where they can start playing with each other.

Aiden is just getting over a very very very bad stomach flu. He has been just miserable - throwing up, diarrhea, high high fever. He was so sick I couldn't even get him to take a spoonful of water. I was really worried about him getting dehydrated. He was so weak the poor little baby couldn't even walk. I took him into the emergency room in fear of dehydration but they sent us home saying he was better than the other 20 kids in the hospital with the same virus.

Aiden had a lot of fun playing games with Grandpa Steve. Here he is taking Grandpa's hat.

This is Aiden Christmas morning. Shortly after this picture we started opening presents. There was no rhyme or reason to opening presents - Aiden and Nora just tore into everything. It was very entertaining to watch.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Wintergreen Resort

We spent the weekend at Wintergreen Resort....not for fun but for business. My mom and dad came with us to watch Aiden while we attended our board meeting. While we were working through 6-hour meetings, Aiden and my parents had a good time exploring this sprawling resort. It's a really nice resort and the ski slopes look pretty good.

Aiden is really beginning to walk. It's so amazing to see him walk. Seems it wasn't log ago that he was all wrapped up in a blanket coming home from the hospital.

BTW - the outfit was a birthday gift from Nadia Jon.

Seems Bobba and Grandma had a great time hanging out at Wintergreen with Aiden.

Friday, December 1, 2006

cover of huggies

I think Aiden should be the cover kid on the Huggies package. I mean just look at how nicely he crawls. ; )

By the way, he is such a speed crawler. If he's trying to get away from me, I have to really hustle to catch up to him.