Friday, November 17, 2017

Wedding and Harvesting 

Our Last Chix Beach Trip

Early this morning, I took the standup paddle board out on the water. The water was perfectly still and quiet. It felt like I was gliding over glass. Then I realized I was surrounded, I mean completely surrounded by dolphins....maybe thirty or forty of them. They were feeding. They came right up to my board so I sat down touched them as they slowly rubbed against my the board. They stayed there with me for 20 minutes or so before they moved on. Coolest dolphin experience ever!!! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow morning. 😊😆☺️😊😝

Telling Time

I remember the “Aha” moment when I learned to tell time and this is Nick’s moment. 😊

Such a Dude

❤️ My Boys

School Pictures - Fall 2017

Nick -  First grade, age 7, Fall 2017

Sky - 5th grade, age 10, fall 2017

Aiden - 6th grade, age 11, fall 2017

Mission to Mars!

Learning About Brewing ... It’s Science!

Team Hip-Hop

Sky and her BFF Divya

The highly anticipated team jackets are in!