Monday, January 28, 2013

nana beth tells stories to our class

Kindergarteners and First graders enjoyed a real treat on Monday morning. One of our student's grandmothers, Nana Beth, is a professional storyteller. She told stories around the theme of hiking on the Appalachian Trail. 

The children were able to make important connections between experiences that Nana Beth and others had as they hiked the trail, and their own lives. We discussed reasons why her stories were so enjoyable, remembering that the best stories are written or told about one's own life.

 We talked about the clear beginning, middle, and end that we heard in each of her stories. We remembered problems and solutions, and noted the wonderful sensory words she used as she spoke. We were inspired to be better writers and storytellers by Nana Beth.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

austin weekend

Just arrived at the W hotel...enjoying a nice salad while we wait for Lou and Molly.

Sunny and 70 degrees

cowboy Adam can't keep a straight face

Yep...we're definitely in Texas

Molly sniffing the boots

Lou's up in the tree...again.

I have the best cousins in the world

Nice view from up here

This is usually a swimming hole....I guess Austin is having a bit of a drought.

Adam stretching out his back on the rope swing.

Chillin' in Lou's loft

Having a drink before we hit the down.

Rosewood Community Market - doors open for business in a just a few days!

Getting our Texas BBQ on!

Best night in a long time!

When in Texas, drink Shiner Bock

Craziest band EVER. It was like each member of the band was playing a different song at one time.   Or perhaps we just didn't get it....or maybe we didn't smoke what they were smoking!  

Dinner and drinks chez Allen....good food, drink, and conversation.

Adam getting in triple shot espresso on!

Loved the coffee shops in Austin

 Guess who we missed

Lou and Allen  : )