Friday, October 31, 2008

a ladybug picnic

Sky was dressed as a ladybug this year. I swear she was acting extra gentle and sweet as if she knows ladybugs are gentle, dainty bugs.

Her favorite part of the costume was her "pees" or purse. She carried it around like a purse.

Our little ladybug.

I took Aiden and Sky trick-or-treating while Adam stayed home to give out candy to other trick-or-treaters. After hitting about fives house, we returned home to help Daddy give out candy to the kids....this was Aiden and Sky's favorite part of Halloween.

I loved this lady bug costume. It was light weight and simple. It just went on her like a little apron. She already had a a pair of black pants and a long sleeve black tee.

So the shoes didn't match but hey, they were comfortable for all the walking she had to do.

There goes my happy little ladybug.

Halloween parade at aiden's school

Aiden's school puts on a parade every Halloween. The kids dress up in their costumes and walk around the school parking lot organized by class. Parents snap pictures and take videos while teachers do their best to keep the parade in order. Its a lot of fun and really gets the kids excited for trick-or-treating.

In the picture above, Aiden's class has just made its big appearance. Aiden looks a little confused because there are a lot of parents but he doesn't see us yet.

That's Aiden being guided by his teacher Ms. Bridget. We love Ms. Bridget. She's really nice and is very good with the kids.

That's Aiden holding Lexi's hand. Lexi is one of Aiden's good friends from school. They both love playing with kitchen toys so they spend a lot of time together.

...he still doesn't see us.

Doh! He sees us. Now he starts to get a little shy.
Oh too much attention...time to be really really shy.

Aiden holding the Halloween craft he made during craft time at school.

Me: What are you dressed up as?
Aiden: A fire engine.
Me: Are you sure? You look more like a fireman to me.
Aiden: No, I'm a fire engine. See, see, I have a fire hat and fire jacket.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

cranky girl

Sky is in the process of cutting her ninth and tenth teeth - the canine teeth. Her gums are super swollen and she is VERY fussy. She asks for milk and then throws the cup on the floor. She fusses like she's hungry and then refuses to eat once she's in her high chair. When she's really fussy, she follows me around the kitchen holding my leg and begging me to pick her up. Seconds after I pick her up, she wants to be back on her feet. Poor little girl.

While I can handle a fussy little girl, little Aiden is having a very hard time. He tries very hard to be patient with her when she grabs his toys, pulls his hair, scratches his face, and even throws his snack on the floor.

Me: Why is Sky so fussy?
Aiden: Her teeth are hurting.
Me: Why are her teeth hurting?
Aiden: (sigh) I dunno. I dunno. (he walks away)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pink is the color of jealousy

Why is Aiden wearing a pink bib and using a pink spoon? Well, he was feeling a little jealous of Sky this evening so he had to have her pink bib and pink baby spoon.

Hey, we all get a little jealous at times...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

difficult questions already

So I know kids can ask difficult questions but I didn't think he'd ask them this early. I actually have to think hard to correctly answer his questions. Here are some of the questions Aiden asked me on the ride to preschool today:

Why does frost get on my windshield but not on the back window?

If the car doors were closed all night, why is it cold in the car now?

How does the sun dry up the rain?

Why are the leaves falling?

Why do people ride horses? Do people ride deer?

If our car has a battery, why do we have to put gas in it?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the drama kid

At about 2:30 am last night, Aiden came stumbling into our bedroom whimpering and begging me or Adam to sleep with him in his room. Desperate to go back to sleep as soon possible, I agreed to sleep with him. At exactly 7 am the door to Aiden's room bursts open and Sky comes stomping in. No sooner than she sees me with Aiden laying in his bed, she starts to squawk, wave her arms in the air, runs in circles then finally throws herself on the ground after a 360-spin on one heal.

So what was that performance about? Jealousy. Seems little Sky was upset that she had been looking for me for a whole five minutes when all along I was snuggling with her brother and NOT her.

That's my girl...opinionated, passionate, dramatic, and spoiled. Man, I love this little girl.

chipmunk mania

Lately the chipmunk population has at least tripled in the wooded area of our front yard. Perhaps they're scrambling to gather nuts before the winter arrives or maybe the red-tailed hawk that's been living there has moved on and the chipmunks are running around free and clear ...i don't know. Aiden and Sky love watching the little buggers run amuck in our front yard.

Aiden: Mommy, I have surprise for you...
Me: Really? What is it? What is it?
Aiden: You see that chipmunk?
Me: Yeah. Is he my surprise?
Aiden: Yes, but you can't bring him inside. He likes outside not inside.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

go away baby

Recently when Aiden gets upset at something or someone he says "go away bebe" (the word "baby" pronounced the way the French pronounce the word). It didn't make sense to me so I mentioned it to his preschool teachers.

Both of his teachers laughed out load. Turns out, there is a little boy named Yasser in his class that doesn't really speak yet except to say "go away bebe". All of the kids are mimicking Yasser. They also said it surprised them that Aiden was mimicking Yasser because Aiden is very well spoken and friendly in class. I guess there are trend setters even in preschool.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aiden Khan

Aiden dressed in traditional Afghan clothing - custom made for him in Kabul last year.

Aiden sez : "Uhhh our family lived in Kabul back in the 70's - Cartayparwan and Guzzergaw to be exact."

Monday, October 13, 2008

halloween dress rehearsal

Last year Sky was a bumblebee. This year she's going as a ladybug. I promise next year we're going to move out of the bug motif and on to something different. I just couldn't resist getting this lady bug costume.
Aiden trying very hard not to smile and look like an "official" fireman. "What's the big deal? So, I'm a firefighter. I save people and put out fires".

We're looking forward to going trick or treating in a few weeks. I'm amazed that Aiden remembers trick or treating last year! I mean that's impressive isn't it? He was only 20 months old then.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

stick with me kid

Aiden loves to give Sky a ride around the yard and up the driveway. They both know which side of the vehicle is for them. Sky doesn't fight for the wheel and Aiden lets Sky work the horn.

They really are sweet sweet kids...

Aiden woke up this morning and asked if he was going to school. When I told him it s Saturday and that school was closed he popped out of bed and said "can I drive my car in the driveway?".

This little girl is going to be a tom boy I'm sure of it.

Aiden sez "Later, people. We gotta go places."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

fifteen months old today!

So what's she like at fifteen months?

She loves to be chased. She taunts and teases us until one of us gives in and starts chasing her. She's fairly easy to catch because she laughs and looks back so much that she can't get far running from us.

She climbs on EVERYTHING. I find her standing on the activity table, the kitchen chairs, the kitchen table, the train table, etc, etc.

Indoors, she likes jumping on the trampoline, riding her fire engine, pushing her wagon around, or cuddling with her stuffed cats.

Outdoors, she enjoys playing on the playground, riding the four-wheeler with Aiden, playing ball with Aiden, and climbing on just about anything.

She's a lot less interested in eating these days. As a matter of fact, Aiden is now a better eater than Sky (I never thought this would happen). Her favorite foods these days are fruit (especially pairs) and rice.

She's in the spitting stage where she she spits out 50% of what goes in her mouth. She is very cautious about what she eats. If she's not sure what she's eating she tastes it, spits it out and then eats it again if she liked the taste.

Recently, she's been getting a little jealous of her brother. If she feels she's not getting enough attention she screams and physically grabs me to get my attention. If it's Aiden's attention she wants she does the same thing to him. Luckily, Aiden has grown to be a very patient and understanding big brother.

She is as much of a Mommy's girl as she is Daddy's girl. She loves lounging on my lap for about fifteen minutes after she wakes up from a nap. In the morning she cuddles with Adam for about half an hour before she's up and running for the day.

Her hair is getting lighter and longer. Her eyes are still Sky blue. She has slimmed down quite a bit and grown taller.

She sleeps really well through the night. When I put her down for a nap or the night she immediately lays down and waits for me to put the blanket on her. She sleeps with her little buns up and knees under her belly.

She still pinches and scratches us a lot. We're all looking forward to her growing out of this painful habit.

She's very bright. She can open doors, cabinets, and drawers. She plays with her "doctor set" and uses the tools exactly as they are intended. She she listens to her own chest with her stethoscope, she gives me shots, she looks in my ears and my mouth.

If she sees someone getting ready to go outside (like someone putting on their shoes) she quickly runs and gets her shoes and pleads to go outside with them. If that doesn't work, she sits at the door until someone gives in and takes her outside.

She enjoys sitting on the couch and reading books. If I'm to busy to read to her she looks at the pictures on her own.

She loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She tries to kiss our cats, the neighbors' dogs, squirls, birds, etc, etc. She now has two stuffed cats that she carries around the house. She loves her glow turtle (pictured above) that we keep on our deck.

Fifteen Month Well Check Stats
Weight: 31 lbs 10 oz.
Height: 33 inches
HC: 18.5 inches

Friday, October 10, 2008

early morning ride

We went for a walk/ride early this morning. It was nice to get outside and feel the cool morning air. Aiden and Sky drove their "gator" while Adam and I took a stroll with our coffee.

This little white cat started following us around and then Aiden and Sky wouldn't stop following it around the neighborhood.

Aiden: Mommy, why is this cat outside?
Me: I don't know, maybe he likes it outside.
Aiden: Lynx and Jasper don't go outside.
Me: Yeah well, they like it better inside the house.
Aiden: They don't like the trees? They don't like grass?
Me: Well, they're just more comfortable at home.
Aiden: They like our foods.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

cowboy aiden

No, this is not his Halloween costume...

Aiden got to go horseback riding at our company picnic. I thought he'd be scared of the horse but turns out he's a natural. He wouldn't let me hold on to him or even get close to the horse while he was riding. At the end of the ride, he refused to get off the horse.

Me and Macy with the girls.

Monday, October 6, 2008

brother and sister

"Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the
people most likely to stick with you in the future" - Baz Lurman

Aiden and Sky's relationship is really blossoming...if Aiden cries, Sky gets upset and if Sky cries, Aiden is usually the first one to tend to her. Albeit Aiden is the one that makes her squeal and she's usually the one disturbing his row of perfectly parked cars or linked trains.

I have a surprise for you...

"I have a surprise for you...." Aiden's favorite new phrase. The "surprise" could be almost anything like Sky's sock that he found on the floor or a dead bug but the tone he uses brings out excitement and anticipation every time.

nothing feels better

than a hug from Aiden and Sky.