Monday, June 30, 2008

fifth what?

I think we have fifth disease...its a viral infection that cause a rash starting in the face (picture above) and then it spreads all over...arms, legs, trunk. Last week I had the rash. Two days ago Sky started to get red blotches all over her body. Today both Aiden and Sky were running a fever 100 - 102. Sky's cheeks are very red and the rash has spread all over. I'm sure Aiden's rash will appear in the next day or so...if you were thinking about coming over for a visit, now is not the time. Unless you're feeling brave.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

fight it 'til the end

When I put Sky down for a nap this morning she kind of resisted. I left her laying in her crib in hopes that she'd eventually sooth herself to sleep. Twenty minutes later she was still fussing but only intermittently. I walked back into the nursery to check on her and there she is in sitting position but her eyes are closed. She was fast asleep and fussing only when she'd feel herself falling to her side. When I laid her down she didn't open her eyes but she did smile with relief. That's my girl.

sky playing her piano

Sky loves to play her piano...who knows, maybe she'll be a professional pianist.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a very active Sky

Sky not only started crawling recently but she also starting cruising. She gets the most practice during the day while Aiden is in school because when he gets home, the tackling, pushing, poking, sitting-on-her-back starts. This little girl is very patient but I can tell she'll hold her own very soon. Aiden better watch out.

a beautiful day outside

Me: Come on Aiden. Lets brush your teeth and get you into bed.

Aiden: Don't make Aiden sleep Mommy. Its a beautiful day. See it's light outside and people are happy.

What do I say to that?

Friday, June 20, 2008

she's crawling people!

Sky is crawling! Just today she started to crawl from one side of the room to the other. Aiden was totally excited about it. He kept saying "mommy, mommy, look at Tyse" (that's how he pronounces Sky's name).

that's so embarrassing Sky!

This is one of my favorite clips ever. Aiden has a stinky load in his pants but he's playing it cool so that no one knows. Sky thinks she has located the source of the stinky...and she's not letting him off the hook.

he does windows too

Aiden is into washing windows, cars, outdoor furniture, or you name it. As soon as he comes home from daycare he grabs the spray bottle (filled only with water) and a piece of paper towel and goes to work. I don't mind...keeps him out of trouble.

her new hair due

I came home and Sky had a new hair due thanks to our new nanny, Lorna. I love it. She kind of looks like me when I was her age. ; )

Thursday, June 19, 2008

where is it?

There is a stray cat that likes to hang around our house. He can often be found going in the drainage tunnel (he refers to it as a hole in this clip) that goes under our driveway. We've have actually caught him peeking in our windows. Aiden wants to find the cat and invite him into our home for "dinner".

traffic jam in our kitchen

So this is what goes on in our kitchen every morning and every evening. Sometimes it ends up in a fight (when Sky doesn't respect traffic laws). Sky get frustrated because Aiden goes from green light to red light...who can stop that quickly?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

is that Aiden?

Picture above was taken last August at the beach. The conversation below took place yesterday.

Me: Aiden, who is that?
Aiden: That's a lady.
Me: No, that's not a lady. That's Aiden!
Aiden: NO! That's not Aiden. That's a LADY. (getting frustrated with me)
Me: No, it IS Aiden - see that's your face you just had longer hair.
Aiden: That's L'Aiden?

I guess that's a compromise.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

eleven months old today

Sky turned eleven months old today...where does the time go???

So what does she do at eleven months?

- runs around the house in her walker; she turns corners and weaves through furniture, toys, cats, and doorways.

- she chases Aiden non-stop; it drives Aiden crazy because sometime he doesn't want to play tag but Sky does; sometimes she runs over his foot and really upsets him

- she is always trying to hug one of the cats

- she likes to listen to music and clap

- she prefers Aiden's toys (cars, dinosaurs, trains) to her own toys - Aiden is not too happy about that

- she eats a lot of fruit and yogurt but just recently she is also into fish and meat

- if you say "yaaayyy Sky" she claps and smiles

- if you say "bye bye" she does a bye bye motion with her hands (open and close)

- she sleeps really really well and stays on schedule; when i put her down for a nap she doesn't even fuss she just sings herself to sleep (this is a new thing); she sleeps only in her own crib (we no longer let her sleep in our bed)

- she says mommy and momma; our nanny says she also says Aiden but that's yet to be confirmed.

into dinosours

Aiden's into dinosaurs these days. While picking up around the living room today, I picked up an elephant and giraffe and threw it in the box of dinosaurs (I was in hurry!). That's when the toy police came running around the corner "no mommy, no mommy, that doesn't belong there!". How do kids know the difference between dinosaurs and modern animals? And if he knows so much, why doesn't he put away his own toys?

Here's Aiden arranging his "family of dinosaurs".

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

aiden's student

My mom calls Sky, "Aiden's student". Recently she's picked up a lot of Aiden's habits like (1) throwing food on the floor as she stairs you right in the eyes after you ask her NOT to do that (2) yelling to get your attention (3) spitting food out if she doesn't feel like eating (4) playing at the train table (5) moving constantly; never sitting still (6) stretching her neck just to get a glimpse of the TV (7) being content only if she is outdoors (8) generally getting a kick out of suprising you in any way

little mommy

Aiden wakes up in the morning in a very loving mood. This morning he came downstairs and went to give Sky a hug. As he walked over to her to give her a hug he called her "little mommy". What???? Did he just call her "little mommy???". WHERE DOES HE GETS THIS STUFF???

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

potty training

We're potty training Aiden. He does number 1 in the potty with no problem but number 2 he refuses to do in the potty. To do number 2, he goes in the corner near his train table and crouches down like this.

mother's day gift

Here is Sky wearing my Mother's Day gift. Its a starfish necklace.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008