Sunday, April 29, 2012

visitor at the pool

This guy was HUGE...that's a giant screw next to him....seen normal size screws above him.  I'd say he was the size of a half dollar coin.


the pool is open for the season's open but definitely not ready for swimming. 

I guess that means summer has officially started at the Rossi house!

KaKa Bar

 Wondering how Ka Ka Bar looks so much like Bobba.

serious soccer talent

I can see him playing on a select travel team.

daddy and nick on a sunday afternoon

building his pinewood derby

He's a true craftsman...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

instagram art

We're on an 80's kick these days....we've been listening to the Footloose sound track, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. 

On the drive into school this morning, we listened to Michael Jackson's Beat It, Billy Jean, Thriller, and Smooth Criminal...OMG the kids loved it.

Aiden:  Is this a girl or a boy singing?

Laila:  It's a boy, a man.

Aiden:  Then why does he sound like a girl?

Laila: That's just the way he sings...

Sky:  Stop it, Aiden!  I can't hear when you're asking so many questions.

Aiden's favorite:  Beat It and Thriller

Sky's favorite:  all of the songs

Monday, April 23, 2012

it ain't what it used to be

Aiden LOVES to ride his bike. When I was little I'd cruise the neighborhood all day long...not a care in the world. I told Aiden I used run errands for my mom on my bike. Times have changed and I know I won't be sending any of my kids on errands on their bikes...not unless I'm following along in my car.  Aiden immediately fell in love with the idea of doing chores on his bike. He keeps asking me when I'll send him the grocery store for some milk for Nick. 

Letter from Nana Beth to Aiden


Dear Aiden,                                                                        April 20, 2012

What fun I had at Grandparents Day at your school today.  You sure do know your way around and are a wonderful guide.  You helped Grandma and me figure out what classes to go to so easily, thank you.

You have wonderful teachers and they sure think you are pretty special.  You listen so well and follow instruction without having to ask directions a second time.  You do your work without disturbing people around you and you do it right the first time.  Teachers notice children who are good listeners, it gives them more time to teach you more things.  You are going to learn so much at this school I hope you come to visit me and share all that knowledge with me so I can learn, too.

You were making a Grandparents wheel today of things you do with your grandparents.  There was a picture of you and me and Sky playing cards last night.  I’m glad you didn’t tell everyone that your won two games, Sky won one and I won, boooo-hoooo L ZERO!!  Don’t worry I’ll win tonight and leave you in the dust; I have to have a come back.

You have very nice printing.  It’s easy to see that you take time to make each letter uniformly.  You are a good artist, too.  You remind a lot of your Daddy.  He took time to do all these things, too.

It was fun to watch you play at recess with the other children.  I need to call you “Flash” or “Speedy” you are too, fast and climb like a monkey.

In math class I like the number game the class played with 100 squares and 100 numbers.  It was fun to able to figure out what number the teacher was thinking of.  Next time ask her if it was 99 bunnies or 26 lizards?  That would be fun.  We played two board games together, too.  I liked the pizza game but the more cards I drew the hungrier I got for pizza or a ½ pizza with mushrooms or a whole pizza with green pepper.

I wonder what you will be when you grow up.  You love to build, so you might be an engineer like Daddy and Babba Steve.  You are speedy so you might be a long distance runner. be in the Olympics and win a gold medal for the United States.  But you are a good thinker and problem solver so you may help many countries come together and solve the problem of world hunger.  I can’t even imagine, in all my dreams, exactly what you will be twenty years from now but I do know this, you are going to do it amazingly well.

I am so proud of the little boy you are right now, this very minute, I could bust.  As you grow and learn more and more things so will my pride grow.  There are so many things you will learn and do and I will be smiling each and every time.  God gave you wonderful brains and you will make Him happy by using them for the good.

I had so much fun today.  I am a very happy Nana Beth and I can’t stop smiling. 

                                                               I love, love, love you,

                                                               Nana Beth 

Letter from Nana Beth to Sky


Dear Sky,                                               April 20, 2012

Today I went to the first ever Grandparent’s Day at your school and what a fun time I had.  I got to meet your teacher, Mrs. Van again.  She certainly does like you.  She told me all the things I think about you she shares the same feelings.  She thinks you are very smart, polite, kind, sharing and caring, just like I do.  We both know you very well.

She loves the way you take turns and make other children important about themselves.

Outside on the playground you did something I could never do when I was a little girl.  You did hand-over-hand on the monkey bars up to the 4th bar.  I couldn’t do one, poor me.  I don’t think I have any strength in my arms but you sure do.  In no time at all you’ll be going all the way, monkey-girl.

I know my favorite part of the day was listening to you sing, “It’s A Wonderful World” with sign language.  It almost made me cry it was so pretty.  Not only did you know ever word but also you knew every motion for your hands.  How can you remember all that?

I can’t imagine what you will grow up to be.  Maybe you’ll be a singer with your beautiful voice.  Or maybe you’ll be a songwriter because you know so many words and you are always thinking of nice things to do and say.  Maybe you’ll be a teacher because you learn how to do things so quickly and can show others.  You could be French teacher like Grandma or an English teacher like me.   Maybe you’ll be all three, or four or more, I don’t know.  I’ll have to wait and see.

I am so happy you love school and school loves you right back.  It will be exciting to see all the wonderful things you learn.  Your head will be full of knowledge and that will make everyone so happy.

I am so glad I got to come to Grandparents Day to see you, all the children in your class, and your teachers.  I am very proud to be your Nana and feel very special each an every day because I have you, Sky, as my granddaughter.

                                   I love, love, love you,
                                   Nana Beth 

Friday, April 20, 2012

his favorite toy stroller

He walks his stroller all over the neighborhood...I bet people see him walking by and say "oh there's that little guy with his stroller again".

hours and hours at the playground

He spends hours at the playground...every single day.

my too cool girl

Chillin' with Uncle Caleb's TT.

grandma's playground is the best

voom voom

playing cards with nana beth

Feeling good about his winnings...this boy enjoys winning too much.
The girl loves to play cards with Nana Beth...she wins her fair share of games too.

love is everywhere