Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aiden at science camp

oh puppy face

The face that Nick loves...he puts his nose on puppy's nose and the squeezes him. He cuddles with puppy all night long.

taking it easy

Sunday, July 29, 2012

just messin' around

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sensing she needs to rescue someone

a relaxing sunday

the water is perfect!

brother and sister quality time

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perhaps 2024 olympics

They've gone to swim practice for almost three years now...they love swim practice.

Both kids are strong swimmers

Who knows, maybe they'll continue with swimming and become Olympians...that would be col with me!

science camp

Aiden's crayfish...he fed a stickbug to his crayfish.

They made thermometers...sky's demonstrating with her warm hands.

They also learned about the dangers of mercury...but he was begging me to help him find some.  I told Aiden about Bobba Steve's mercury jar.     


Aiden is having the time of his life at science camp -- the lead counselor says he's curious about EVERYTHING.  He's enthusiastic about every experiment so they made him a team captain.   He takes that role very seriously and makes sure everyone follows the procedure.