Sunday, February 12, 2006

tummy time!

So my pediatrician has put the fear of death in me with this "tummy time" stuff. She stresses about a 1,000 times how important it is for Aiden to get lots of tummy time. She says otherwise he won't be able to start solids in a couple of months and he won't learn to crawl. So the neurotic mom that I am, I give Aiden lots and lots of tummy time although he absolutely hates being on his tummy. As soon as I put him down on his tummy he fusses which makes me uncomfortable and uptight.

Ya know what? I think there truly is a "mom gene" that lowers women's tolerance for a baby crying. Every time Aiden starts crying I have this urgent need to comfort him and stop the crying. Adam on the other hand can totally stay calm even if Aiden is screaming his head off. Aiden will be screaming bloody murder and Adam is just sitting next to him calmly reading his book. I don't know how he does it. It must be the "dad gene". The picture below shows Adam holding a screaming and crying baby Aiden and instead of calming him, Adam continues to tease Aiden because he think he looks cute when he cries (i'm shaking my head as I write this).

a cowboy and a sailor

We went to Dullah's house for dinner. It was really nice to relax and have everyone else (mom, dad, Dullah, and Natalie) care for Aiden. My mom cooked a really big meal and we all sat around playing with Aiden, shooting pool, and watching TV. Ever since Aiden was born I feel like I don't get out much. Its so cold out these days, I feel guilty when I take Aiden out so I try to stay in as much as possible.

I snapped this shot of Bobba and Aiden right after Bobba randomly picked up a hat that someone had left around and put it on his head. The sailor outfit Aiden is wearing is something I picked up for him only because it was made of a sweater material that I thought would keep him, I love it. Its also Adam's favorite outfit of Aiden's.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

hanging out in their white T's

I love these two pictures of Adam and Aiden. Notice how they're both wearing white t-shirts. Adam was getting ready for work but before he got dressed, he spent some quality time with his little man. I can just imagine them being very close as Aiden grows up.

Friday, February 3, 2006

poor kid has gas

Aiden has been crying more than usual and I think it's due to gas. Desperate to anything to calm him, I think I've invented a new technique or remedy.

To relieve his gas, I simply lay him on his back in a warm comfortable room. I remove his diaper (so he feels totally comfortable), and move his legs like he's riding a bicycle upside down(doing big circles) for about a minute. Then I message his belly gently and do the bicycle some more. After two or three iterations of massage followed by air bicycle, I put his legs together and I bend them at the knee and gently push his legs agains his abdomen. After a couple of gental pushes he starts to pass gas. I continue until a he's passed gas 3 or 4 times. I figure that's a significant amount of gas expulsion and it should give him some relief.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

2 month check-up

Today was Aiden's two-month check up. He's doing great and growing like a weed. His stats were: weight 12 lbs. 10 oz. and height was 23 3/4 in. Little man is definitely growing. He did well on the development test - holding his neck up, making eye contact, etc. I give him only breast milk and he's nursing well....almost too well.