Tuesday, September 29, 2009

running girl

This is the treat I get every day when I arrive at home...; ) ; ) : )

doing doughnuts already

Uncle Dullah and Uncle Caleb, you are required to comment on this post.

super friends

The kid has Bat-Man, Super-Man, and Spider-Man on the brain. He is totally obsessed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

ryan's birthday party

deja vu but still cute

Sky was making a necklace for Nana Beth again. Look at how focused she can be on the task at hand.

lookin' like his daddy

I'm pretty sure I've seen a picture Adam at about the same age looking a lot like this little boy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Pike's Place in Seattle - Adam and I both loved Seattle. We were lucky enough to have had four perfectly sunny, warm days.

THE ORIGINAL (yes, very first) Starbucks...located in Pike's Place.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

irrigation assistant

Aiden helping me put in flags by the sprinklers in preparation for some yard work. He took his job so seriously but he also enjoyed running through the sprinklers.

the merchant and the doctor

"Don't worry, okay? I just going to check your ear."

"You okay? You need some med'cine?"

Watch out, Molly...Sky's got some techniques too.

"Don't move, Aiden."

Aiden reading a customer's order for "two eggs, some bananas, coffee, apple sauce, and broccoli."

This little boy loves to play store. We use his old flash cards for the food items - bananas, fish, apples, etc and play money.

champe and caden's birthday party

Aiden and Sky had a great time at Champe (5 year) and Caden's (2 year) birthday party. I think they enjoyed the rope swing the most because they're talking about it non-stop. Aiden also went nuts over the awesome NASA gift bags.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

saturday morning farmers' market

There is a clown that makes these balloon figures at the farmers' market. Aiden and Sky get a sward and that entertains them the entire time we're at the market.

Kettle corn...we get that every time too.

Sky with a mouth full of grapes.

That's us picking peaches from two giant piles...delicious, juicy, Pennsylvania peaches that we enjoyed just minutes after we arrived home.

Natalie is sad that now they call her "Natalie" and not "Nakalie"...just shows they're both growing up fast.

"Are they twins?" is a question I get all the time now.

Aiden giving Sky a powerful kiss.

he climbs like a goat

Aiden showing off his remarkable balance standing on top of a concrete sculpture.

He looks like he's doing a skateboard grind in this picture.

Aiden: Why did Uncle Dullah call me a goat boy?

Me: Because you are a good climber.

Aiden: Goats like to climb?

Me: Yes, they're always climbing.

Aiden: But they don't have a long tail like a monkey.

Me: Yes, but they have good balance and they're strong.

Aiden: Oh yeah, like me?

Me: Yup, like you.

He always hams it up when Uncle Dullah is taking pictures.

Friday, September 18, 2009

peace and quiet

Adam enjoying a book after the kids are in bed.

the sweetest boy

This little boy has the biggest heart. The older he gets, the sweeter he gets. The other day Sky bumped her knee and was crying in the garage. I knew she was okay so I was taking my time getting to her. Aiden came into the kitchen where I was saying "Mom! You're taking so long! Sky needs you! Please get her and kiss her."