Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this little piggy went to the afghan market

Much to Aiden's embarrassment, Nicolas parked himself in front of the raisin bins and was just sampling away.

"Mom, take him away. He's eating and we haven't paid for it yet! Take him away, we're not allowed to do that!" - Aiden

Aiden's squawking didn't bother Nicolas one bit, he continued to eat the raisins until he had his fill and then moved on to the cookies.

Grandma only encouraged Nicolas to keep sampling...she and every other Afghan woman there thought his sampling was adorable.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

aiden the builder

"You know what, Mom? Once you get good at building it's really a lot of fun to build."

My boy learning to take pride in his work! I see him growing up to be hardworking, self-motiviated person.

He LOVES to build and he's pretty darn good at it. He wants to build structures all the time - house, bridges, railroads (with trains on them), towers, and even robots.

He ate his lunch and built this house during his break from swimming.

"Nana Beth wants me to design her next house for her...and you know what? I already know I'm going to paint it red, white, and blue. Isn't that a great idea, Mommy?"

Friday, August 19, 2011

college lane - where they were just a twinkle in mommy's eyes

There's the zen garden my dad planted years ago...sadly, the new owners have not been keeping it up. My Dad worked on this garden ever single day. Sometime he would get out of his car and go straight to work to on the garden without even coming in the house to change.

Aiden kept insisting that we "buy our house back". I tried to explain to them that Grandma and Bobba had a new house and they didn't need this house but he just didn't agree. Both kids enjoyed seeing my bedroom window, uncle Dullah's bedroom window, and Bobba's garden.

a day at the national harbor

There was a map of eastern Virginia by this overlook. Aiden and Sky enjoyed running from Oakton to National Harbor, to Nora's house, to Virginia Beach.

"Mom, where's Nana Beth house?"

"It's not on this map."

"Is this Virginia?"

"This part is Maryland but this is Virginia."

"Nana Beth lives in Virginia" (Aiden and Sky say in unison)

"Your right, but this is only part of Virginia...they didn't draw the other part....where Nana Beth and Bobba Steve live".


Aiden thought it would be funny if he picked the giant's nose.

"The Awakening” is a five piece cast iron sculpture depicting the arousing of a giant with a head, hand, outstretched arm, bent knee and foot a breaking free from the earth.

Well if was funny if Aiden did it, it would be funny if Sky picked his nose too.

Sky confirmed that the giant had stinky feet.

Monica encouraging Sky to keep on climbing.

My boy was almost eaten alive by the giant...thank God the giant moves very very slowly. Aiden was able to escape.

Sky examining the giant's teeth.

The cast iron was actually pretty hot...we took these pictures very quickly and carefully.

Have you ever given a high-five like this one?

My thrill seekers gearing up for the climb.

Aiden went first so that Sky could see how it's done.

That's MY BOY ringing the bell!

Aiden enjoyed the ride back down.

My Spidey

Aiden demonstrating the grip to Sky.

Don't they look like little electricians?

Aiden could bring back the "No Fear" craze.

Aiden and Sky standing with Monica in front of her "cookies and chocolate store".

We think Nana Beth will like this bench...It would be perfect in her yard!