Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the best feeling in the world is...

...this little dude sleeping peacefully on my chest.

So we have this pattern thing going now - first, I play with him (kiss him, talk to him, look into his eyes), then I usually change his diaper (always pee and poop), then he fusses meaning he wants to eat, then I feed him but he always falls asleep nursing. After about an hour of sleep, he wakes up and I change him and feed him again.

Sometimes I can get some work done with Aiden sleeping on my chest - things like thank you cards (Aiden got tons of baby presents) and my daily log of Aiden's feedings and other activities. That's why I have a pen in my hand in this picture...

By the way, it snowed yesterday and it's freezing cold outside. Our front steps are frozen solid and I can hear the wind whipping on our deck. Being home safe and warm with the baby is very cozy.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

a brand new uncle

Uncle Dullah likes to come over and take naps with Aiden. I still can't believe Dullah's an "uncle" but then I can hardly believe that Adam and I are "Mom" and "Dad". Anyway, we're all enjoying our new titles.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Aiden's two week well check

Height: 21 inches
Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz.
HC: 14 5/8 inches

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

daily journal entry 12/7/05

Aiden arrived home from the hospital on December 6th. Bobba Steve had already arranged for teh stork announcement in our drive way. What an awesome surprise to come home to.

It was a very very cold day so we rushed Aiden into the house. I wished it wasn't so cold our so that we could have showed him off to the neighbors.

12:00 am - Diaper Change (DC) - Pee and Poop
1:00 am - nursed 35 minutes
1:05 am - DC - Pee and Poop
4:00 am - DC - Pee and Poop
4:15 am - nursed 33 minutes
4:45 am - DC - poop only
4:45 am -nursed 15 minutes
7:00 am - nursed 15 minutes, DC - pee and poop
8:00 am - nursed 20 minutes, DC - pee and poop
8:45 am - nursed 10 minutes
11:30 am - nursed 20 minutes, DC pee and poop
12:20 pm - nursed 15 minutes
2:20 pm - nursed 15 minutes
3:30 pm - nursed 40 minutes
7:45 pm - nursed 30 minutes
9:00 pm - nursed 20 minutes, pee and poop
11:45 pm -nursed 20 minutes, pee and poop

Aiden's first bath

We gave Aiden his first bath today. Okay, let me just confess right off the bat, I was super nervous giving him this bath. Even though Adam and his mom were there with me, I was very anxious. His skin looks so red and vulnerable that I'm afraid to even rub it gently. Aiden cried some and that made me even more nervous. The umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet so I have to be extra careful.

As soon as the bath was over, he was happy and calm. After I dressed him and brushed his hair he was ready to eat AGAIN. This kids nurses non-stop. I feel like I spend the entire day either nursing him or getting ready to nurse him.

After I fed him, he took a nap on Adam's chest.

Friday, December 2, 2005

the first hour

Words can't describe the first hour after Aiden was born but I'll try. The first time I saw Aiden was when the doctors carried him from the surgery table (I had a c-section) to the baby station. All I saw was a baby's back, arms up and out, long legs stretching and kicking, and he was all wet and covered with blood (from my surgery). Since his hair was wet it sort of looked curly and dark. I couldn't believe my eyes, this was the little baby that was in my stomach all this time. I heard the nurse say "baby boy, 1:11 am, December 2nd, 2005".

Since Aiden didn't cry immediately, I ask Adam what was wrong and with his voice cracking and tears in his eyes Adam said "he looks perfect, nothing's wrong". The nurses cleaned Aiden and I saw the doctors checking him out. Dr. Hodges came over and said, he looks like a really good looking boy. I heard another nurse say "8 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches long, APGARS 8 and 9". I was relieved and happy to hear his APGARS. They then wheeled me to the recovery room where I waited 20 minutes for Aiden. That twenty minutes seemed like an eternity. Then Adam came over and said he had watched the nurses clean the baby and that he looked great - five fingers on each hand, and five toes on each foot. The nurse then brought Aiden over to me and Adam took the picture above. Then I took the first picture of Adam and Aiden together. The picture I took of Adam and Aiden was not from a good angle because I still couldn't feel my legs or sit up. After Adam and I had a good chance to see Aiden, my mom, dad, and Natalie came into the room.