Monday, March 26, 2007

aiden and his buddy champe

Last weekend we went to the beach with the Mitchells (Todd, Laura and Champe). It was a nice weekend but still a little too cool for the beach. Aiden had a great time with Champe (2.5 year old) although they didn't really play "together" they played next to each other....probably the next best thing at their age. Champe's dad is Todd Mitchell who lived in the same dorm as Adam during their undergraduate years at VT. Who would have thought they'd take the picture above one day?

Aiden enjoyed climbing this Beach Catamaran. It was a good thing the owner wasn't around...

Aiden and Champe also enjoyed climbing the sand dunes....considering Aiden only started walking about 4 months ago, he was remarkably well balanced going up and down the sand dunes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

aiden's first hair cut

So Aiden got his first "real" hair cut. By "real" I mean we cut more than a few long strands that had gotten in his eyes in the past. He sat on the breakfast table because that room has the best lighting. Adam and I entertained and took pictures while my mom did the cutting. He sat still for a full 3 minutes to get the hair cut. My is very good and efficient with the scissors...she cut carefully and quickly. I thought he wouldn't like to see his hair fall to the ground but he was too preoccupied with the lollipop my mom gave him.

And here is the new look:

After the cut, Adam and I were both depressed that his curls were gone. My mom got mad at us for asking her to cut it and then having second thoughts and regrets.